• Image of Razz Debut 4-Song EP

"Pleasantries", the debut from Oakland rockers RAZZ. A 4-song 45rpm EP that picks up where previous bands the Pets, and Tropical Sleep left off. Is that vague enough for you?! Well, you can read what someone else wrote below!

Listen to a couple of the tracks on our Bandcamp site HERE.

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"This is the 47th band called RAZZ, but they’ll bend your ear anyway! Four gents pulling the strings here: Phil Lantz (late of COCKTAILS and AIRFIX KITS), Ray Seraphin (main-man of TALKIES and GLITZ), Andy Human (on leave from his REPTOIDS) and up-front bopper Dan Wood, the brains of shag-rock dynamos like TROPICAL SLEEP and THE PETS. On Pleasantries, their debut release, the four featured tunes burn white-hot, wrapping your heart with tension and squeezing until it bursts. The blueprints spring from the mind of Wood, one of those rare songwriters who somehow teases out the complexities of life in just a few couplets, delivering each with a riveting, plaintive voice and jagged waves of guitar. Moreover, Wood and Razz have an uncanny knack for crafting a perfect middle eight --- that part of a tune that just liquefies the listener! Timeless and NOW, Razz is uncanny pop disguised as Great BIG Rock. Fans of the intricately greased pop of Sneakers, the New Wave shades of The Quick and the more "classical" power of early Who & Small Faces will find an ally in Razz."