• Image of The Pets - Misdirection LP

Another from the archive, there are a few sealed copies left for purchase.

From Terminal Boredom Winter 2008:

"The Pets "Misdirection" LP
"A garage-cum-powerpop trio with a pedigree that fulfills some of the promise FM Knives left us holding close to our hearts, but with a rangier, more polished, yet somehow catchier songflow. One of the better bass performances of the year as well, just one part of a super-tight band. "Blame It On The Kids" is the obvious hit, but there isn't a dud in the bunch. Most LPs of this ilk peter out after the first song on the B-Side, but the Pets hide some of their best stuff on the flip ("Heat Attack", "Leaving Home"). Packed with anthems, vocals might make-or-break for some, but I love 'em. I'm also very appreciative they didn't repeat any songs from their singles here (all of which seem to be still available for some reason...why the hell aren't these sold out?). The Pets are right under your noses, people. Remove your heads from your asses and pay attention. A vinyl only release, first 100 were on blue vinyl, I believe.(RK)
(Static Impulse Records // www.staticimpulserecords.com)"